How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer in Passaic New Jersey

Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

Three Things To Avoid in a Passaic Divorce Lawyer

1. Beware of the Me-Too Lawyer-Crowd – Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

You will find so many divorce lawyers in Passaic. Go to and enter “divorce” as the practice area and then enter Passaic New Jersey and click Search. You’ll get a lengthy listing of divorce lawyers in and near Passaic.

You’ll observe that all of those lawyers look and sound the same. They’ll all inform you in their short identical Avvo blurbs they are “compassionate,” “aggressive,” “good listeners,” “blah…blah.” Whatever they believe you wish to hear, that’s what they’ll say.

If you click to the web sites of these divorce  lawyers, that won’t help either.  All of them have the same cookie-cutter websites. 

All of them look and sound the same. All of them inform you about various almost identical qualities about themselves.  The problem is that not one of them can prove a single claim they make. You do not want to hear any of that noise. If they don’t really prove it, it means nothing. “I’m a real great guy. Please hire me.” means nothing.

Let your spouse have such a weak lawyer. You want someone of proven demonstrated higher quality to look after your interests.

2. Beware of Avvo and Other Lawyer Lead Generators – Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a lawyer having an Avvo account, a Yelp Account, a LegalZoom account or a Google My Business page. What’s wrong is when they ONLY have those accounts and do not position themselves professionally to stand out from the lawyer-crowd.

It’s also advisable to remember that the prominent Avvo Rating displayed in each lawyer’s profile has absolutely nothing to do with the specific performance of the individual lawyer.  It is not based, as Avvo wants you to believe, upon client testimonials or any kind of performance metric by that lawyer. It is founded on “peer recommendations.” Avvo informs you that if you hover over the little information icon close to the rating.

So because other divorce lawyers in Passaic are obviously not going to publish testimonials for his or her divorce lawyer competitor, lawyers in numerous fields of legal practice dishonestly trade recommendations with each other.

So an area DUI lawyer who doesn’t have necessary knowledge about the lawyer s/he is recommending for divorce will write a good testimonial about some non-competitive divorce lawyer as a swap for a similarly dishonest and meaningless testimonial by that divorce lawyer about their DUI practice.

Don’t get fooled. The Avvo Rating doesn’t inform you how good any lawyer actually is.

3. Beware of the Jack-of-All-Trades Lawyer – Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

Additionally you will observe that several divorce lawyer’s websites are “jack-of-all-trades” websites.  You may have found them on Avvo’s divorce page, but many of these lawyers also handle bankruptcy, DUI, personal injury, crime, car-wreck, immigration, social security disability, etc. They’re telling you, “Hey, we do a|little bit of everything. Please hire us for something.”

You want a divorce lawyer who handles only family law matters. You do not want your Passaic divorce lawyer to grab the telephone to you when she’s just been focusing on a criminal record expungement or a social security disability case.  Those are very different specializations involving different laws and thought processes.

How To Find the Best Passaic Divorce Lawyer For You | Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

So today, as you read this, only you realize what’s involved in your impending divorce or family law case.

Armed with that personal knowledge, you’re looking for a local Passaic divorce lawyer who demonstrates to you some type of unique spark – some creative problem-solving  indication that demonstrates their abilities. Again, don’t listen to what the lawyer informs you about himself or herself. That kind of self-praise means nothing to you. It could be accurate, but it may not be.  You are searching for clear reliable proof.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to find the best divorce lawyer in Passaic. Nobody knows who that is anyway.  You will need to find the best Passaic divorce lawyer FOR YOU!!

Show Me-Don’t Tell Me – Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

How to find YOUR divorce lawyer? Look at how each divorce lawyer handles his / her law practice.  Why?  Because that’s how s/he will handle your divorce or other family law case.

It is reasonable to think that the way business people (like lawyers) handle the difficulties and challenges in their own businesses will be the way s/he handles the difficulties and challenges in your case.

People generally bring exactly the same knowledge, intellect, analysis and incentive to each and every problem that faces them. So just how each lawyer positions and promotes their own law practice would have been a strong indication of how s/he will conduct your case.

Why would you hire a lawyer to handle your own personal legal and economic interests when they do not even look after their own business interests?

So look carefully at each lawyer. If they ONLY stand in line at Avvo with a phony rating, leave them alone. If they represent themselves only on a cookie-cutter website and only with self-praise, leave them alone. There is no dynamic or creative insight or spark in this lawyer.

So what’s a good example of a lawyer who represents himself or herself well?  What about a divorce lawyer who has seized the best family law brand in the world? What about a divorce lawyer who has secured the 1-800-DIVORCE brand to the exclusion of all other divorce lawyers in Passaic?  What about a divorce lawyer who’s smart enough to have a single word as their brand, firm name and forever memorable telephone number?

Isn’t that the type of dynamic problem-solving divorce lawyer you’re trying to find?

Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

Divorce and Other Family Law Services are Also Available in the Following Communities as Well As in Passaic:

Clifton, Garfield, Bloomfield, Belleville, Paterson, Montclair, Hackensack, Arlington, Riverside, Fair Lawn

Passaic County Family Law Attorneys - Compare Top Family Lawyers in Passaic County

1-800-DIVORCE Like a Pro in Passaic New Jersey – Is There a Shortcut to Your Passaic Divorce Lawyer Hiring Decision?

So you don’t want to hire a “jack-of-all-trades lawyer.  And you don’t want to hire some non-descript lawyer who simply stands in line with every other divorce lawyer in Passaic County.  You want a lawyer who represents himself or herself boldly because that means s/he will look after your interests the same way.

But there’s more.  1-800-DIVORCE is not just the best family law marketing brand in the world. Think about what else 1-800-DIVORCE means – to you AND to your 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer.

1-800-DIVORCE brings the 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer more cases than their competitors.  Lawyers who handle a lot of divorces tend to become better at it than their local competitors. You want a busy divorce lawyer who is experienced and knows what s/he is doing.

1-800-DIVORCE also has an affordability component. It brings 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers divorces at a lower case acquisition cost than their competitors pay.  That means your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer is LIKELY to charge lower fees.

Many also have flat-fee unbundled services such as document review, where you will only pay for the services your case actually requires. Most also offer free initial consultations.

But perhaps the best economic indicator for you to take advantage of is that because of the memorability of 1-800-DIVORCE, it is a referral goldmine.  What will you say to a friend or relative who is in need of similar help in the future?  You’ll just say, “Call 1-800-DIVORCE. They took care of me.”  And that’s the gold.  That and all of your other referrals will be free business to your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer for years to come.  S/he WANTS that free business.

Your 1-800-DIVORCE referrals are what bring your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer’s case acquisition cost way down. And that’s why they signed up. And you know that, and they know that. So take advantage.  Make sure that your 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer knows that you will refer friends and relatives to him or her through 1-800-DIVORCE but that you expect to have a real good job done in your case.

Only a good job will lead to future referrals. You don’t have to be nasty or mean about that.  Just state it as a business proposition. Your 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer will now it’s true. Tell him or her that you know a lot of people.

If your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer didn’t have 1-800-DIVORCE, how would you refer people to him or her. You’ll forget his or her name and you’ll lose the email address and business card.  In 2 or 5 years, you’ll never remember, but you’ll never forget 1-800-DIVORCE.

Call 1-800-DIVORCE or fill in the form at the top of this page to be connected directly to your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer. S/he is just the type of Passaic divorce lawyer you are seeking.

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